About Us


About Us

The Little Yogi Academy brings Yoga to Children in a fun and free way. Without realising it the little Yogis who attend our little yogi academy are learning techniques such as Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation and Movement with Awareness. They are allowed to express themselves in a safe, non judgemental way that will hopefully equip them to navigate through life with ease in the future, allowing them to reach their full potential.


I came to yoga in 2008 after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I realised that my lifestyle didn’t support someone with a Crohn’s diagnoses and I wanted to take back some control. My yoga practice did the opposite for me though and helped me accept that we can’t control anything. Life is just easier with a regular yoga practice.

Yoga Experience

I trained in Kundalini Yoga in 2008 and The Radiant Child Yoga Program in 2009. My initial training was traditional and very true to the roots of Yoga, the Radiant Child program opened my mind to bring yoga in a creative and fun way. Yoga is everywhere, just a few moments of stillness can give great insight to us as being more. Soon after, I was asked to teach in Nursing Homes and was surprised to see how similar and rewarding a class with the elderly was to a class with children and I’ve been truly honoured to do both ever since.

Non Yoga Background and Qualifications

Initially a Graphic Designer I love to create and have put together 2 Yoga Stories for bedtime. The Sun and the Seed and Molly learns to Fly. Trained in Complimentary Health in 2010 I offer individual treatments to children with behavioural problems. Usually a treatment involves both Yoga, Reflexology and some Sat Nam Rasayan.

If you are a qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher with a Professional Registered Body then maybe you’d like to join our team. You will need to compete First Aid and Safe Guarding level 1 Training before you begin.


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