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The Little Yogi Academy brings Yoga to Children in a fun and free way. Without realising it the little Yogis who attend our little yogi academy are learning techniques such as Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation and Movement with Awareness. They are allowed to express themselves in a safe, non judgemental way that will hopefully equip them to navigate through life with ease in the future, allowing them to reach their full potential.

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Its relaxing and Fun

A typical Yoga class with the little Yogi academy is Engaging, Relaxing and Fun


All our Yoga classes include music of some sort. A younger group will have simple rhymes to music to help us keep in rhythm with our body. As the child gets older the music adjusts to their needs getting more meditative and even repetitive as the child grows. This is to help them experience some stillness from the brain chatter that starts to creep in during preteen years.



All our classes at the Little Yogi Academy have an emphasis on our breath. Each movement is done with some element of breathing – a large bird needs wind beneath its wings or we pretend to be a balloon that needs to be inflated. Yoga means to unite and when we can consciously unite our breath to how we move and how we feel then life seems to flow more easily. Life seems to flow like a breeze for children anyway but they can sometimes fall out of step so a simple breathing technique can be just what they need to bring back some balance to their day



All the Yoga classes at The Little Yogi Academy use fun stories to bring the children along in their Yoga Journeys. The actual Yoga posses are done as a way to help us with our story so they don’t exactly feel like exercise. The stories are designed to follow a sequence that would be similar to a typical yoga class but you would never know. The best part about our Yoga stories are when the children tell their own stories. Recently we played Yoga Simon Says which went down a treat


Join the Little Yogi Academy

Here are some ways you can join us

At the Little Yogi Academy we try to make ourselves as accessible as possible. We currently teach in Sligo, Galway and Dublin and we are always working to bring yoga to children in new ways.

  • Summer Camps

    Are a perfect way to immerse your Little Yogi in the essence of Yoga. We like to slow-down, relax and have fun!

  • Classes

    Have a look at our timetable and join us if you can. We also offer group classes if you have 8 or more children we may come to you

  • Private Events

    We are passionate about offering Yoga to children. We often attend events like; Garden Fetes, Festivals, Birthdays and Community Affairs. All we need is a little space

  • Yoga in Schools

    Schools are leading the way with mindfulness for their students and Yoga is our number 1 mindfulness tool


Summer Camp Special

Not your typical trill seeking adventure, We feel modern living is enough of a thrill on our Little Yogi's Nervous System. We aim to help your Little Yogi to Slow Down, Relax and have Fun!!!

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Our Team

We are a small group of Yoga Teachers Collaborating to bring Our style of Yoga to children in Ireland
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Linda Martin

Yoga Teacher Galway

Nikky Millar

Yoga Teacher Sligo


Yoga Teacher Dublin

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